The Zombie Plagues

The Zombie Plagues Collection One Kindle Edition Several lone survivors live through what will become the dawn of a new world. The only thing these people had in common is that they all lived in the same small city in upstate New York. Before the week was out they would be thrust together in a struggle for survival. Before the month was out those that survived would begin to seek others who had lived through the catastrophe that had blighted the Earth. Looking for ways to stay alive… #Zombie #Apocalypse #Kindle

The Zombie Plagues Collection One

By Dell Sweet: The Zombie Plagues books follow a small group of men and women as they struggle to survive on a vastly changed earth, where the dead sometimes do not remain dead. Follow along as they try to rebuild their own lives as they rebuild their world. A great change was coming to the Earth. Catastrophe was about to change everything her people took for granted. It made some wish for death, but death was no longer a guarantee. For some death had become some other sort of life. A life they could not easily leave… #Horror #PaperbackBooks #Amazon

The Zombie Plagues Collection Two Kindle Edition A supply trip with Mike, Ronnie and a few others turns into The Nations first real clash with the dead, resulting in death for some of The Nations own. They also meet a new group of survivors that will become their strongest allies in their fight against the undead. But there is little time to mourn that loss. The dead are pushing to take the rest of them, and it becomes a race to see who will make it back to the Nation alive. #ZombieApocalypse #Horror #Undead

The Zombie Plagues Collection Two

By Dell Sweet: This book starts at the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse and introduces you to the Outrunners before they are the Outrunners. It travels forward until they meet the other Earth’s Survivors. Travel along with Bear, Beth, Billy and the others as they fight their way out of New York City and death and destruction there. #ZombieFiction #Paperback #Horror

The Zombie Plagues Collection Book Three Kindle Edition They stank of death. Rotted flesh, corruption. Their chests did not rise and fall. They did not move. Their eyes were partially slitted. It would be easy to believe that they really were dead and had been for some time. The gun was in his hand. He had flicked off the safety before he had stepped out into the lobby. He walked up to the first one, turned slightly to take in the second one. #Amazon #ZombieBooks #ApocalypticFiction

The Zombie Plagues: Collection Three…

By Dell Sweet: He looked from one to the other, lowered the gun and shot the first one in the head. The second one screamed as he turned. A high piercing sound that distracted him for the briefest of seconds. She began to come up off the floor, her eyes wild, flaccid breasts swinging freely, flapping like sails, and he nearly let her get him. The first shot took her in the chest and flung her back like a rag doll. But that was all it did. Bear stepped into her path and pushed the pistol into her head, squeezing the trigger as he did. She flew back this time and didn’t rise again. #ZombieApocalypse #DystopianFiction #Horror #Paperback

The Zombie Plagues: Book One

By Dell Sweet: He sat, his breath coming in ragged gasps and pulls. His lungs hurt, there was a stitch in his side and his heart felt like it just might explode at any second. He looked over at Lana, but her head was rocked back against the seat back… #Zombies #eBooks #Kindle

The Zombie Plagues: Book One: Paperback

By Dell Sweet: “Smash it,” Lana said. It was not much more than a whisper, but it bought Johnny’s head up fast. Outside the truck the dead were gathering. Just three or four, but they could smell them, and it wouldn’t be long until more showed up. He focused on her face which was ashen and blood slicked, unsure if she had really even spoken. She turned her face to him, eyes heavy lidded, unfocused. “Smash it, Johnny… Rock… Rocks by the driveway… Saw them… Smash it.” Her head sank down to the dashboard and stayed there. A trickle of blood ran across the dusty plastic and rolled toward the edge of the dash before it slipped over the edge and continued down into darkness. #HorrorFiction #SciFi #Undead #Paperback

The Zombie Plagues: Book Two

By Dell Sweet: Her eyes had rolled back into her head. Her body shook, but her chest did not rise. She had been dead for three days, but she had tried to rise several times before they had bound her with rope, hand and foot… #Undead #Zombies #Horror

The Zombie Plagues: Book Two

By Dell Sweet: Paperback.  The third day came and the burial was coming. Cousins, men who worked in a neighboring village were on the way to open the grave. That was when Andrea had sat up and vomited blood. #PaperbackBooks #Horror #Amazon

The Zombie Plagues: Book Three

By Dell Sweet: Jason, the new Assistant Manager, stepped forward.
“Listen,” he began in a loud voice. “I don’t know who you people think you are, but you’ve killed someone now… Killed someone!” He stopped and looked incredulously at the three who stood closer to the doors. His eyes cutting down to Annie and then up once more. The pimple faced boy raised the rifle once more, Jason opened his mouth, and the boy shot him in the chest before he could say another word. #CrimeFiction #HorrorFiction #Amazon

The Zombie Plagues: Book Three Paperback

By Dell Sweet: “Oh God. Don’t do that to me,” Annie screamed. She bolted, and Haley watched as the pimple faced white-boy raised his rifle. He squeezed the trigger once. Annie collapsed to the floor in mid stride, like a kite that had spilled all of its air. One leg spread before her, the other at an angle behind her. Her body skidded along the floor an inch or two and then stopped. She sighed loudly as she slowly tipped over to the floor. Her eyes were open, blood spilling freely across the floor. #PaperbackBooks #Amazon #Horror

The Zombie Plagues: Book Four

By Dell Sweet: Candace raised her eyes to where Lydia stood, and they caught on the ragged, gaping hole blown through the back of her t-shirt. She continued to stand. Seeming to still be looking out over the river. Her mouth working.
“Lydia,” Candace whispered.
Lydia slowly turned, her mouth still working but silent. A small neat hole wept blood down the front of her shirt. Her chest hitched and her eyes fluttered… #Horror #ApocalypticFiction #ZombieFiction

The Zombie Plagues: Book Four: Paperback.

By Dell Sweet: “Last chance, Bitch,” he said. He brought the barrel of his gun down towards her. At the same time Bob took another step sideways. The kid’s eyes darted to Bob. The gun dipped and swiveled towards him. “I told you…” he began. All four guns spoke at once and the kid seemed to do a quick tap dance before the gun fell from his hand without firing. He tried to suck in a breath but collapsed onto the dirty asphalt instead. #Paperback #Amazon #Horror #ZombieBooks

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