Geo Dell’s The Nation Chronicles Fan Fiction: Zero Kindle Edition

Geo Dell’s The Nation Chronicles Fan Fiction: Zero Kindle Edition


By Geo Dell

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Richard Dean’s House

Sammy and Don

Sammy came back in with the techs. “Okay, Don?” he asked.

“Yeah, let them do that exercise room after the hallway. At least that way we’ll have someplace to go where we don’t have to look at death.” Don said.

Sammy nodded and led the techs into the living room. They stopped just inside the doorway.

“Who else?” the lead guy asked. His name was Dennis Jones. Sammy had worked with him before. “Just me and Don,” Sammy answered.

Dennis looked around. “Probably the kitchen is okay, since you have already been in here. Anything in there?” he asked. He looked down at the bottles in the rack, the refrigerator that sat under the bar, then back up. Don wagged his head no, and then pointed at a phone and two stacks of fifties that sat on the counter top. Sammy walked over and whistled. “Where?” Sammy asked.

“Up next to the phone,” Don said.

“Did you touch them?” the tech asked.

Don held up his gloved hands. “But before you do the hall, do the kitchen and the phone, bag the money. I will need to answer the phone if it rings and we need a place to set up, okay, Dennis?” Don asked.

“Yeah, just,” he looked around and spotted the short hall that led to the front door. “I’ll just hit the short hallway first, then this. That way you guys got an entrance and a place to wait… The rest is gonna take a while.”

Dennis crossed to the short hall and printed the door. Vacuumed the carpet and bagged it, then turned it over to them. He bought the phone to Don a few minutes later.

Don walked out to the car he had parked at the curb, and pulled it up onto the lawn next to the front door. He took his jacket off. Folded it carefully and put it on the back seat. The day was warming up a little, although the forecast said cold later. Either way the jacket was off and would stay off. He walked back inside the hallway and stepped up beside Sammy. They watched as the techs worked the other end of the hall that picked up on the opposite side of the kitchen and led to the garage.

“Twenty five grand in those fifties,” Sammy said.

Don nodded.

“Would have been tough for me to turn that in,” Sammy said.

“Not you, Sammy. You’re a straight arrow, you would’ve done the same thing,” Don said.

“Yeah, but it still would’ve been hard,” he sighed. “You and I are both the same… I think that’s what happened to the kid: Temptation; there all at once. Something he must’ve saw in the cars,” Sammy asked.

“Positive of it,” Don agreed quietly.

“Temptation’s a bitch. I’m sure the kid just folded. Sometimes it’s hard to walk away, even when you know you should.”

Sammy nodded and glanced back up at the mess in the hallway.

Don’s own cell phone rang. He pulled it out of his pants pocket. “Yeah?” he answered. He listened and then pulled out his note pad and began to write. “Slow, slower,” he said. “I guess all the information comes at one time,” he whispered to Sammy. He wrote as he listened, watching the techs work the hallway.

Fort Deposit Alabama

Billy Jingo

Sunday afternoon.

They were parked in a rest area just off I-65.

“Did you believe him?” Billy asked.

April shrugged. “He sounded real. It’s the right name. He knew your name. He didn’t know my name, but he knew I was here. I told him my name was Annie. I figured it was close enough. I figured if he said he thought it was April I could fake it. He didn’t. He didn’t even hesitate when he said Annie, or if he did, I didn’t catch it. I just don’t know. He even said he was a little spooked by not being able to reach Rich himself. He told me we could call it all off if we wanted to. He doesn’t want us to, but he said he would understand. Would someone trying to set a trap try to push us away? I wouldn’t think so, baby, but I don’t know. Even so, something about it has got me bugged big time,” April finished.

“I can’t see Richie setting us up. But I also can’t see Richie not answering his phone either.” He looked at the map. “Let’s find a motel… Kill some time… It looks,” he traced the route down I-65 with his finger and compared it to the scale. “Maybe six, seven hours to go and we’ll be in Mobile. If we crash for the rest of the day get some sleep, we can leave at midnight and be there early tomorrow morning. I don’t wanna get there at night, or come in at night.”

April nodded. “We should get another vehicle as soon as we get there too. I like this truck, but it’s too hard to maneuver in tight places. We need a car. Something fast so we can get away if we need too.”

“We’ll look, let’s go to Mississippi,” he traced a route with his finger. “We could rent a car and a room in Pascagoula. That’s maybe an hour drive from Mobile. We’ll leave the Suburban somewhere there; maybe we can leave it in the airport’s long-term lot, something like that. That will allow us to cruise by the meeting place tonight. We’ll call him back; tell him we’ll be a little late, sometime early tomorrow morning. We’ll ask for the directions to the place now. That will give us some level of protection. About the best we can do,” Billy said.

“That makes sense,” April said. “But we still call it off if it feels wrong tomorrow morning, right?”

“Absolutely. If we wake up tomorrow and get a bad feeling, we just take the car back and head for Mexico,” Billy agreed.

“All right,” April said. She leaned forward and kissed him. “Call him.” She handed him the phone.


Sammy and Don

“Okay… We know it was a drug deal, but there’s word on the street, not our streets, Manhattan, that it was a deal between Tommy Murphy and Jefferson Prescott that went bad. A couple of million dollars in cocaine, heroin, and some high grade pot thrown in for good measure; and I mean their prices and that means that not only were the drugs there, but the money was there too,” Don said.

“Holy shit, no wonder so many people are getting dead,” Sammy said.

“Yeah,” Don agreed. “There’s a contract out on both of them, Billy and April. They don’t care how they get them either, so long as they get the money and drugs back.”

“And let me guess, if they’re admitting to a few million dollars it’s probably a lot more, right?” Sammy asked.

“No doubt,” Don looked at his notes. “They found the kids truck in Rochester. Wrecked into a house and burned out. Three local gang bangers roasted inside the truck. The rumors say a chase and shootout prior to that, two white kids in a Jeep. Some say two guys, some say a guy and a girl,” he read from his notes.

“So the gang bangers steal the truck somehow?” Sammy asked.

Don shrugged. “The dead guy in the Ford missing the top of his head: Benjamin Neo.” Don asked.

“Yeah?” Sammy said.

“Fake name… Real name’s… Rustle Roberts. Funny thing is, other than an arrest twenty years ago for an assault charge; he has absolutely no record under that name: Doesn’t own anything; hasn’t paid taxes. Nothing. Benjamin Neo on the other hand owns three homes, two in Rochester, one in Barbados.”

Don raised his eyebrows.

“Hot,” Sammy said.

“And guess what, yesterday he bought himself a brand new GMC Suburban. I mean top of the line, over sixty grand for the price tag,” Don said.





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